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Yes, Eugene was the..

was the military's whiz kid in WarGames. (Lot of people wouldn't remember that) This photo was from the movie, "1941" . Not sure, may be the one in the center or the one on the right. lol

Wow! That's so cool! You can actually make use of them. It looks as though you're running inside of an Amiga 'setup' . (?) I'd been having little mini renaissances of Amiga this and Amiga that over the years, once inquiring with the folks over at Aros. My question at that time was, how does one go about making the desktop screen an anim? Like a small sized anim background on the desktop, I was thinking a pool shot. Now I look at this Windows8 taskbar, and I see svg. (although I can't prove it, it says it's icon (.ico), but it looks like it's being sized in svg) (??) How does one go about making Amiga os display svg dock items?

Thank you very much! Brother Jzon
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