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I think I found the solution for all "problematic" A4000 demos that need 040 CPU to work.

Well, most 040 CPU has max freq. set to 40MHz and below is attached the config that works very close to this A4000 configuration, so all demos should also work fine.

And what is more interesting, this config should work same on every PC. (no matter of CPU speed)
I tested it with my PC when is set to 1.6GHz and when is set to 2.13GHz and got the same results.

All speed problematic demos tested to work fine now: Klone, Shameless, Silkcut... (tested in latest WinUAE 3400 b19)

(I think this now could close all discussion about speed problem when running the demos.)

p.s. If your computer is fast enough, you can then try to disable the JIT and maybe got better results in some demos that produce small glitches because of not precise JIT FPU calculation.

EDIT: The CPU Speed slider and "standard" 040 speeds (can be checked with sysinfo)..
+100% = 040 @25MHz
+150% = 040 @33MHz
+200% = 040 @40MHz (same as in below attached config)
+300% = 040 @50MHz

Before changing the speed slider be sure to Restart the emu first!

This is all approximate, but good for testing to see does a demo still work.

EDIT2: If someone experience a sound problem with attached config, try to change it from Direct3D Graphics API to DirectDraw ! (it might happen to work better specially on an older PC)
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