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First, it is 3.4 beta5 related. Second, it is not major and it is too late, so please ignore it.
And finally, same WB3.1 floppy in DF0: with same HD "irs-kfix.exe" in DH0: file behave different after beta4.
(logs would not help much, so not attached)


p.s. Not "booting from wb" but starting the "irs-kfix.exe" in DH0: from WB31 in DF0: !

Edit: Logs from beta 4 & 5 attached!
Cannot attach logs, no free space: "Exceeds your quota by 485 Bytes" !

Edit2: Found the reason ! (probably connected with my PC only)
It happens with attached config from post #445 as the same has Z3 mapping set to Real mode.
But if Z3 mapping mode is set to UAE mode it works fine also if started from WB31. (my mistake, sorry)

The attached config from post #445 has RAM set to 16MB Motherboard Fast Ram and 64MB Z3 RAM in Real mode.
When the WB31 is loaded it occupies some of Motherboard Fast Ram and the demo is then forced to use Z3 RAM where it does not like it if is set to Real mode (at least on my PC starting from WinUAE 3400 beta 5). If the demo is started without WB31 it fits into Motherboard Fast Ram, so no problem with sound in this case.

I have now changed the RAM to 32MB Motherboard Fast Ram and 32MB Z3 RAM in Real mode, and the demo works fine even if started from the WB31.
(the only reason I forcing to have Z3 RAM in Real mode is because the "Lasttrain" demo fog effect works with that mode and not with UAE mode)

I am now not sure if on a real A4000 was possible to have the Motherboard Fast Ram more than 16MB and WinUAE allows it to be set to 64MB max !?

Well, seems it was possible with 4x16MB simm hack ->

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