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@emufan: thank you very much for testing it on windows, I completely forgot about cygwin... I'll consider that problem solved now

@Zetr0: thanks a lot for taking the time to look into this. I was using your program a lot and it was main inspiration for my version. I found it very useful not only on low end Amigas (unaccelerated A600/A1200), but on high-end also, it is actually very clean and fast solution (I got to test pre-production version of Vampire 500 V2 and it works like a charm ). I didn't knew Bloodwych was your inspiration for guide file layout, so I added him also to main screen. Thanks to both of you!

Anyway, today I decided to squash bugs that I have detected, and also to include more options for list generation:
- name expansion is more robust, and remaining titles that don't expand very well are adjusted manually (see ExpandAs part of settings)
- automatic translation of non-english game names is also included (can be turned on or off)
- option to display only games from preferred languages (if you want to have a list of, for example, only French games)
- preference for regular or demo/preview game version

Game/demo list window now has suffixes explanation at the bottom:
Click image for larger version

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In the process of analysing game names from WHDLoad archive, I found several inconsistent names (mainly the order of suffixes in game name that doesn't look like the rest of the game names). Those names are marked with the comment "# wrong name?" in ExpandAs part of settings. Maybe someone who has more knowledge about naming conventions in WHDLoad can look into this?

I'll consider version 1.1 final for now. If someone have suggestions, or can improve the program by him/herself, please contact me. Zetr0's proposition for more game information is very interesting, but I don't think I could do that by myself for now (not enough time/knowledge).

P.S. I know that this is Amiga board, but I'd like to ask if someone knows any game/demo launcher solution for Atari ST/Falcon?
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