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[AmigaCD] onEscapee - .HDF & .LHA (for real Amiga users)

Hello there my friends,

Not sure if it's due to all the recent "Heart of the Alien" & "Another World: The Lost Level" threads but..

Today I received a PM from a friend saying the following:

Hello mate,

I came across this article posted here and I have never seen this game before but it look kinda like Flashback and Another World which is cool.

There is also info about it over at HOL and a patch to bring the game up to date and probably fix bugs and so on...

What I was wondering is if you know how to extract the game data, patch it with the latest patch and then make the game into a playable/bootable HDF so i can play it on WinUAE for xBox.

A kind user did this for me a while back with another CD game and it worked like a charm but I can't remember who or exactly when it was., given that I have time on my hands and never one to not try out something new I set forth

I've now created a bootable .HDF (no Kickstarts / Workbench files) that has the following:
  • Displays the English "Readme" (which I reformatted to fit on screen).
  • Loads the Faction trainer.
  • Starts the game.
Note: this is just a beta; all looks good to me so far but please test and report anything not right

Use a "Quickstart A1200 configuration with 2MB Chip & 4MB Fast RAM"

You can grab the .HDF from the EAB File Server under the directory "~Uploads/DamienD/HDFs"
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