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Hi Crazyc

The real A4000D as dead floppy drive and has no USB device.

The CF Card Boot up and work fine in the real amigs.

So now I need to install WB 3.9 it has IDE DVD rom but I need to install the Dvd rom driver but can not do it.

OK I have setup WinUae on My Laptop the laptop see the CF card but, want to format it I say no.

so in WinUae I setup the CF card but Winuae will NOT initialise.
* Device Volume path R/W Block size Size BootPri
E IDE:0 HDF - yes N/A N/A N/A

form the seller this was his reply

You could set up your new CF drive in WinUAE, but you MUST make sure you use 'IDE0' as the hard drive controller (do NOT use 'UAE' or 'UAE0').

If you do not change the hard drive controller to 'IDE0', you might not be able to use it in your A4000 again because it will change the MBR (master boot record) of the CF card.

Then add a directory from your PC as another hard drive - call it 'PC' or similar.

Boot up WinUAE (with 'IDE0' as the hard drive controller) and you should be able to move files from your 'PC' directory you've set up to your CF card within WinUAE.

So I did this and it will NOT work or initialise

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