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Compared Winuae WinUAE3220 with the latest available Beta, seems that B19 and before have problems with certain Demos which worked better with 3220 - For example Ephidrena - J or DCS - Klone.

Before it was also possible to have a quickstart A4000 config and push "approximate A500/122 or Cycle exact-mode" at around 200% and also having "more compatible" in the cpu section activated and the demo played rather nice (Ephidrena - J). With the latest Betas if i go over 110%, the timing goes wrong, glitches appear and the general speed is crippled. (J)

In the case of the Klone Demo, that crippled percentage is now around 70% - Before it was possible to go around 150%. In the mentioned older Winuae it was possible to run it with a higher speed without the demo going black and music only playing.

Same problem with crippled speed was already mentioned at some other point, for the Klone Demo from DCS if this is of any use:

So, i guess it is some kind of regression which has happened in the last few versions of Winuae.
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