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Originally Posted by Lemming880 View Post
Great to see new Lemming levels. This must have been a lot of work and I didn't even know there weren't any new levels made in the past 20 years. So this is both prestigious and historical. Cheers and well done. But I also find it quite difficult. I'm also stuck at level 2 in Fun. Well I had all ladders set up but then time ran out. So I won't mind a trainer.

Btw. despite my name I'm not a hardcore Lemmings fan or anything, I just have fond memories of those little blue buggers.
Yeah took some work figuring it out first off, but the main bulk of the levels (80) were ready to go, so they were mostly done in a couple of weekends, it was the 40 duplicate levels that took the time, finding where they were, what original names they had and cross referencing them, then giving a new name and working out another back route for each level and giving different skills to the other level, then changing and testing each level to make sure it was doable! On average 30 mins per level x40 , so yeah time consuming!

If anyone wants to make a crack, trainer for it that would be cool.

Originally Posted by Amiga_CDTV View Post
Thanks for this release!

I just tried it on my CD32 (with mouse). The early levels are indeed hard, I finally managed to reach level 5! I hope there are some easier levels ahead... But it is indeed great to have levels that I had not seen before!
Yeah as I said above the levels are mixed in difficulty, my levels I tried to keep in some order in that regard.
So yes there are easier levels to come! I'm glad you got past the first few levels!
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