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Originally Posted by Neil79 View Post
Can someone give me a gist of this please for a write up.

1) What is this lost level?

2) What system was it originally on, DOS?
Read the Another World - Wikipedia webpage Neil

In particular the first part of the "Ports" section:

Reviews praised the game's graphics, sound, and gameplay, but criticized its short span. Chahi, working for 16 hours a day for two months, responded with creating a new level just before the amphitheatre scene, when the alien friend rescues Lester at the end of a long dead-end corridor. Chahi said: "I like this extra level a lot because it reinforces the close relationship between the hero and the alien by developing their mutual aid."[9] Also added were more dangers and more save points. This ended up being the 1992 DOS version, which was coded by Daniel Morais, and had the exact code wheel protection of the Amiga and ST versions. The Macintosh features higher resolution than the DOS version, but is otherwise identical.[14]
Originally Posted by Neil79 View Post
3) How would someone go about launching this level on the Amiga?
a) Download earok's "Another World - The Lost Level" file from The Zone!
b) Extract the contents to a directory on a hard drive and double-click "another" to start the game.

Originally Posted by Neil79 View Post
4) Yes a HDF would be good ta
Ok, file "Another World - The Lost Level HDF.rar" is now in The Zone!
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