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Well, except the sound problem, there might be one more problem present !? (maybe not - see EDIT below)

For example, in Atari ST version (on the emu) the main character moves faster and on Amiga emu slower.
(of course, this should be tested on a real Amiga too)

I noticed, if enable the "Immediate Blitter" in latest WinUAE the character will move faster.
(now not sure is that speed correct as too lazy to test/compare it with my real A500)

EDIT: But I found an video where it compares different versions! (seems it was done on a real computers)

Let's Compare: Mission Elevator (C64/CPC/Spectrum/ST/Amiga) -> [ Show youtube player ]

00:13 - Commodore C64
07:07 - Amstrad/Schneider CPC
15:25 - Sinclair ZX Spectrum
22:31 - Atari ST/STe
30:25 - Commodore Amiga

On the video, the Amiga versions also run slower than ST version and what is interesting the sound bug appeared too at 32:06 in video !?

I am a little confused now; if that is done on a real Amiga and the sound problem appeared, is there any problem with this game at all in the WinUAE ?
(except that in the WinUAE the sound problem appears quite often)

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