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Yes I am very clear and strict with my opinion on criminals robbing game or otherwise authors.

Unfortunately it is not about you letting it to happen as you think. I wish it was that easy. It does happen if you are not rich and/or does not live in the same community/region/law territory with the one you are dealing with.
Ripping off authors from Slovakia or any other foreign country is very likely unless they are based as well in the publisher's country.
The temptation to rip them off is just too high for any company.
About 25000-50000 gbp was needed to even start a case in the UK against an UK company many years ago. Lawyers are not allowed to take surefire cases for free, you have to settle the expected cost of the legal proceedings in advance (at least it worked that way a decade ago).
Persistence does not help, money does. The problem is you do not have that kind of money when making your first game.
And if you don't get paid for your first game you don't have that kind of money anytime later either.
A vicious circle.

I am not going to take any of my words about those criminals back.
They are criminals period, belong to jail and should be fucked in the ass big time, unless they enjoy it, in that case just be beaten to death.
Or both.
You may have a problem with masochists though

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