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Драго ми је да видим паралелни креацију, као што је то!

Welcome to EAB! there is plenty of retrolicious mischief going on around here - please let me share with you this project started in 2011 - AGLaunch - Thank you for the mention in your files!

Many members collaborated, modified and customized the project to make it theirs and I believe it is enjoyed by a few fellow Amigans out there, according to Aminet AGLaunch has been downloaded over 1,600 times

Initially designed for a limited 2MB environment ( stock A600 / CD32 ) I kludged together a very simple PC program to create Amiga Guide Text files based on a Classic Workbench Game Directory setup - when Bloodwych included this to the basic Classic Workbench pack's I was (and still am) very thrilled and humbled!.

Here is a very basic version running on a 2MB (A600) environment

[ Show youtube player ]

I think your project could take this even further with additional information on software titles, possibly with links to reviews and HOL information - it could be quite a concise database that has the ability to launch the WHDLoad title. The only real limit would hard disk space - but that is quite mutable these days

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