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PyAGLaunch Guide Creator 1.0

As a Linux user, I got bored of running AGLGen.exe through wine, and two days ago I started to work on my own AGLaunch Guide Creator for my WHDLoad collection...

The result of my work is called PyAGLaunch Guide Creator 1.0 and it is written in Python 2.7 (I will make it Python 3 compatible, but not right now - any help is appreciated!). Program combines functionalities of CreateLists program for Amiga that generates file lists and AGLGen.exe windows program that generates guide files. This all means that it is intended to be run on WHDLoad collection accesible from PC, before transferring it to Amiga drive (or you can have synchronized copies on PC and Amiga, which is my use-case).

Guide generation is configurable, for example, you can adjust:
- number of columns and spacing in game/demo/main page lists
- prefered game language, TV system, etc. (include only english games if multiple version exist, or only pal, or any combination of preferences)
- all paths needed for guide generation, filenames, etc.
- guide window width (if you have an Amiga with higher workbench resolution, your launcher can be wider and have more links in it on one page)

All the settigns are on the beginning of program, with detailed explanations, and they can be changed as needed. Initial scanning of info files and guide generation takes about a minute, but after all the info files are cached in PC RAM, subsequent generating is fast - 5-10 seconds (at least on my PC). This makes it good choice for parallel testing inside emulator, as you can see the results almost instantly.

What can you do with it? You can, for example, make all links visible on standard Amiga resolution in main launcher window by increasing number of columns and removing space between rows:
Click image for larger version

Name:	agl-2rows.png
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Or you may adjust the layout to be like AGLGen.exe if you like that:
Click image for larger version

Name:	agl-3rows.png
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ID:	51311

I really didn't like "condensed" game names, as it was sometimes hard to read them, so I used a different approach, to reverse game name from directory name. It's not perfect, but I think it does the good job in about 90-95% of cases:
Click image for larger version

Name:	agl-gam2col.png
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As number of columns in game/demo lists is configurable, you may also get something like this:
Click image for larger version

Name:	agl-gam3col.png
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Long game names on standard Amiga resolution may be too shortened (I use word shortening, not whole name shortening), but on higher resolutions this should look good.

Info file with multiview as default tool is also generated, so you can just click on the launcher

Program was tested a lot today, but I must say that there are probably bugs in it. If you find one, please give me a detailed description, so I could replicate and solve it.

And before someone asks, I didn't test this on windows, as I don't have it and do not want it. Program is released with GPL3 licence, it's open source (I don't like closed source programs for retro machines) and if someone can make it work on windows, I'll gladly make the changes to make it compatible.

Hope someone finds it useful...

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