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Learned a little more how it all works. Levels are essentially made up of a combination of a palette, bytecode and cutscene resource (all other resources eg SFX, Music and Polygon animations are shared). The "Levels" in the game are:
  1. Copy protection screen
  2. Intro
  3. Start of game (in water with piano)
  4. Escape from cage
  5. Ventilation tunnels
  6. Tank
  7. Bath house
  8. Final cutscene
  9. Level code screen

As you can see the MS-DOS level isn't a discrete "level" in it's own right, since it's well after the ventilation tunnels scene but just before you reach the tank.

An additional complication is some (not all) of the levels are essentially copy protected, eg you can't access the Amiga ones until you've passed through the Amiga copy protection screen and you can't access the DOS ones until you've passed through the DOS protection screen.
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