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I started investigating the possibility of "merging" the DOS and Amiga versions as people previously suggested, though there's numerous complexities involved. The level entry screens (in BANK09) have different alphabets and don't appear to be mutually compatible (eg I tried typing in the password 'TFBB' with the letter positions on the Amiga version level entry screen, which didn't work)

Also, it appears that there's not a clear separation between BANK file and levels, the MS -DOS exclusive level appears to need at least BANK06 and BANK07, and probably several others just to start (and of course those files are present in the Amiga version anyway, so they can't just be supplanted). It seems that a whole conversion would be required rather than a mix-and-match one.

EDIT: Just thought of another thing to try: the possibility of creating another BANK file, populating it with certain resources from the Amiga version, and pointing the executable to use those.

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