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Hardfile geometry issue

Some time ago I created configs which I used for accessing image files created from MO disks. Each image file is 1,303,563,264 bytes long, and I have this entry in my default.geo file:

; 2.6GB 5.25" MO disk

Looking at the config file though, it contains different geometry info. For example:

On loading that config and clicking CD & Hard drives, the IMG volume is shown in the list. Double-clicking that opens the Hardfile Settings window showing Surfaces=51,Sectors=109 which matches the figures in the config file. Notice that the Surfaces figure is what should be Sectors (= BlocksPerTrack in default.geo).

If I click the "..." button to right of the Path box to open a file requester then just click Cancel, the geometry shown in Hardfile Settings changes to Surfaces=1,Sectors=51 (i.e. as specified in default.geo). And the summary display below shows some bogus values:
79563/1/32, 2546016/2546022 blocks, 1243.2MB/1243.2MB
DOS............. [444F5301 00000000 00000000 00000000] [Too many cyls]

However if I click OK to close the Hardfile Settings window, then double-click IMG in the list again to re-open it, the geometry shown is Surfaces=1,Sectors=51 (matching default.geo), and the summary below is correct:
24961/1/51, 1273011/1273011 blocks, 1243.2MB/1243.2MB
DOS............. [444F5301 00000000 00000000 00000000]

Even if I fix the geometry shown to Surfaces=1,Sectors=51 then save the config, the just-saved config file is identical to the original one.
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