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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
They look amazing! I wish I could have backed for one. Hopefully you make more and I can buy one in the future.
Hi Akira,

Just to keep you informed, the CD32 Themed New Amiga 1200 case, is an Exclusivity.

Only backers from the keycaps campaign can get one after they've chosen for CD32 Keycaps layout set after the campaign is finished.

So if you're interested to get a CD32 Themed New Amiga 1200 case, you actually need to support the KS Keycaps campaign for at least a SINGLE (1x) Keycaps set.

The CD32 Keycaps Sets & SE CD32 Cases are in Exclusivity to the Keycaps campaign as a special reward to backers supporting the campaign

Thanks for your support Akira,

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