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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
Do we have a ballpark figure for the pricing yet?
I have decided to charge 12€ per kit (pcb + components, excluding the overlay stickers). I have eight kits now, more are on the way. Shipping costs will be around 2-3€ depending on destination (airmail padded envelope).

In addition to the kit you will need a gamepad of choice that is able to fit the pcb, and a 9-pin cable + connector (atari joystick extension cable or similar).

I will have the overlay stickers printed when I figure out a good way to do it, the price for those (uncut) will be around 2€.

I can also sell a few assembled gamepads (using ibuffalo or cheaper snes gamepad clones) if anybody are willing to pay for the parts + work.
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