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Brother Jzon's Tale

Oh yes! Crazy night. I came upon your

request as we were walking to the party,

(next door) and it turned into Robin

Williams in 'RV' trying to get to the

signal, then had to be socialable, then

battery dying.. There were special

effects guys there, IT guys and gals,

strange oysters were there, Crown Royal

was there.. E.T. dropped by...
Then, after midnight, battery low, then

the cord (wall-wart) & Chevy Chase, &

I'm thinking.. the one time you actually

request of me, something...

Finally get the cord in position... eab is down! lol So I said, I'm going to find a way to contact emufan. Then I google and find some chinese place, then dolphin popped up. It wanted to know the Manufacturer Make of the RAM in my machine, to log on... By 2 am...

I was satisfied msging a complete stranger. lol (Did everything I could do)

I'm noticing on the CRT filter, where it bends the edge of the screen, the mouse click position, like on the close window gadget, it's not in the same spot. So, I imagine where it should be, and it works.

Isn't your setup running 1.3? It's my best guess this is where the grain is eminating. Have you tried it out on 3.9?

Thank you very much! Brother Jzon
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