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So, finally got the time to check Wing Commander. And then I realised the SX32 isn't such an ideal addon as I thought. The additional FastRAM breaks some games, such as Chaos ENgine CD32 (the intro only plays sound, no video) and... Wing Commander, the palette is corrupted. It runs fine when I disable the fastram with the SX32 jumpers. Then I also couldn't see any difference between my CD32 with SX32 and without SX32, both ran at the, IMO unplayable, slow FPS. Heart of the Alien runs smoother I think.

Is there a way to disable fastRAM from, let's say workbench and then have the CD32 reboot with only ChipRAM? I don't feel like opening up de CD32 and changing jumpers everytime I want to play a game that doesn't run with FastRAM.
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