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Originally posted by kolorabi
For a similar (but more recent) story, check the website of Cauldron (the Slovakia-based developers of a new first-person shooter called Chaser). In their press section ( ), they have a press release titled "Even a big distributor may disappoint you" where they reveal that UBI Soft haven't paid them one Euro for their previous game, Battle Isle: The Andosia War (which they developed for Blue Byte when that company was bought by UBI Soft).

I hope they have more luck with Jowood, who are distributing Chaser (which is a pretty good game that really took me by surprise - well worth seeking out for fans of first-person shooters).

Read it.
Sorry to disappoint the Cauldron guys...
Rest assured Ubi soft does keep a very good tracking system of sales of each and every title. It is part of logistics at any company, the only way to keep track of re-prints, invoicing re-ordering and accounting.
They simply don't want pay shit.
They are playing on possibly contract expiration by the time Cauldron guys do anything useful for themselves or being too poor to seek legal advice. Also distributor chains are likely to keep record of their sales for 12 months or less.
So more and more "easy" evidence gets eliminated as time passes.
However invoices and accounting is normally for 5 years backwards, but audit and tracking of that costs much more.
The guys being from Slovakia will never see a dime of their game as they will never be able to afford the western legal system unless someone here on the board can take the case being a lawyer in copyright law and feels like making at least that fucking company pay this time.
I wouldn't bet on their new publisher either... it is just way too tempting for anyone to cash-in on defenseless people.
They wouldn't even think about it if the guys were from the UK, Germany or the US or any other country from where they could be punished big time. Or do it to anyone basically from their home country as they'd go into jail right away.
But foreign developers are freejack, especially if they are poor.
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