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Originally Posted by honx View Post
is it possible to implement some kind of standard setting for xbox 360 controller as replacement for cd32 pad?
because i am way too exceptionally stupid to get xbox 360 controller working as cd32 pad in cd32 configuration.
Did you get this working honx?

If not, here's step-by-step instructions (I'll use only one controller and "Port 2" in the example):

a) Connect your Xbox 360 controller.
b) Start WinUAE and select "Host" --> "Game ports".
c) Click the drop down menu next to "Port 2:" and select "Controller (XBOX 360 For Windows)".
d) Click the drop down menu that says "Default" under "Port 2:" and select "CD32 pad".

All done, repeat for the other controller / Port 1

If you now select "Host" --> "Input" you will see what function is mapped to which button:

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