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Originally Posted by Arnie View Post
Hi D,

Thanks for this (& thanks Amigajay)

Just tried your version in WinUAE, default A1200 and it actually worked with 1 disk drive and 2mb Chip.
Originally Posted by DamienD View Post

I was always testing with both drives enabled using either:

a) an A500 2MB Chip RAM configuration.
b) an A1200 2MB Chip RAM configuration. wouldn't load "Lemmings" unless I added some extra Slow or Fast RAM.

I knew it was close; I guess the extra drive pushed it over the edge

Anyway, good to know. Cheers for the further testing my friend

...would be cool though if someone with real hardware tested also just to make sure
Hmmm, this was a bit "hit and miss" for me via WinUAE... it would only work 50% of the time with a standard A1200 configuration...

Anyway, have been playing around this morning and made a few optimisations to gain more free RAM

So, this new set (which is really for Gotek / HxC users) will now definitely work 100% with:

a) An A500 or A1200 with 2MB Chip RAM.
b) Supports either one or two disk drives.

Grab the new set from here:
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