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Originally Posted by PortuguesePilot View Post
We all cried - figuratively - when Commodore folded in 1994 and many of us yearned for a reboot, a renaissance, a resurgence, a comeback with a vengeance. It never happened. But, now, in the mid 2010's, maybe we're in the verge of seeing something of the sort...
My gut feeling is that won't happen. Among the people who use the Amiga I suspect most use it to rekindle the old memories rather than hoping it will someday be competitive again.

I think there is lots of people who do hope for a renaissance, but I think it is a pretty small group.

If anything the fact that the Commodore did have a fairly sudden death has perhaps helped make it the collectors machine it is today. Imagine if Commodore was still in business and pumping out 3ghz A9000's? Would those Amiga 500's and the 20 years of later machines that would have existed be worth anything more or be any more desirable than an old PC?
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