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Originally Posted by Arnie View Post
I never owned a big box Amiga so that's why I didn't understand what you meant. Thanks for the clarification though, very informative.

So, if I now understand correctly, you need a bootable media to enable and mount the SCSI HD using the Vampire on the CDTV?

What about the CD, can that be made to work outside of the on board scsi.device?
Yes, but the V500 has the IDE controller on it, and currently it is about 20x as fast as the CDTV SCSI (seriously), but that could be due to hdd mask issues or something else. In best case we'd not expect the CDTV SCSI to be more than a meg or two per second, maybe the latter if you set the CDTV SCSI to 14MHz mode.

I haven't been able to make the CD work yet. The CDTV drive is really odd, it has the CDfilesystem (cdfs.library) in ROM and has all these other dependencies and right now I'm not sure what's not working. Using the killcd0 package on Aminet should work which has normal mountlists but the new CD0 just says Not a DOS volume, however if I try to format it, I can see it accessing the CD and reporting the drive is write protected, as it should.

With this package:
The CDTV CD audio player is working in Workbench and it plays audio just fine. Also the CDTV prefs to set the time/interlace mode etc.

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