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Originally Posted by grelbfarlk View Post
Rather than using the SCSI.device in the CDTV ROM, you put the driver in Sys:Expansion and binddrivers loads the driver and makes the SCSI work. Which works with the Vampire.

This is similar to how if you had an A2091 and it had old ROMS on it. If you couldn't burn a new ROM then you could disable the old ROM on the A2091 and put the newer one in sys:expansion and binddrivers would load the driver instead of using the one on the ROM.
I never owned a big box Amiga so that's why I didn't understand what you meant. Thanks for the clarification though, very informative.

So, if I now understand correctly, you need a bootable media to enable and mount the SCSI HD using the Vampire on the CDTV?

What about the CD, can that be made to work outside of the on board scsi.device?
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