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Originally Posted by JZon View Post
it isn't supposed to look like that. Not sure. It took me a few times to 'dial' it in. Here is my screenshot and settings...
hmm, in filter config page: [ mask ] [drop-down-menu select test_overlay.png" ]
your images say "none" - just try it. the effect is useless, but gives some pseudo 3d effect
in the same drop-down menu try "Shadowmask_Twisty.png" for the pixel effect.

#1) can you make a screenshot with CRT shader , but with a bright background?!
in the second image, the scanlines do not look that good. maybe my gfx card got some problems
with the shaders. do your scanlines look the same ?

#2) i tested some shaders with the shadertoy, but they are using a different shader language.
anyway, take a look at that example, nice to play with that too

*removed images to free some bytes*

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