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Originally Posted by JZon View Post

Oops. False alarm. Somehow I had been saving my configs with expansions from when I was trying out ppc. Just take this out?? OK. Does this plugin require any z2 or expansion? (This might be why I'm not seeing anything)
the term plugin is a bit misleading, these shaders influence the image after emulation. they are just visual effects. they do not influence any amiga related hardware/setting.
in that config no filter is set, only"null filter" - the oval look i did not got yet, have to play again with that setting

Originally Posted by JZon View Post
Just tried uploading new config with same name. (under edit) (didn't work) hence, new post response..
under advanced editing, you can remove attachements.
SOLVED! Had to change Native to RTG.

Cool filters! Wow! I'm impressed. OK. Going back in for more poking!
now i'm curious, you are using that D3D CRT shader?

#1) found that oval effect, not bad, didnt saw that on first tests.
but the scanlines do not look so real.
the effect in the attached image is cool

#1) D3D: CRT.D3D Bright together with Mask "Shadowmask_Twisty.png" gives some pixel effect.
#2) Mask "Shadowmask_Twisty.png" you can use with filter "null filter" or "none" to get that pixel effect.

*removed image to free some bytes*

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