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I try this. Does it go in the plugins folder? (that's where I put it) Then I go to 'Filters' and find a bunch of new D3D choices. (Is this correct? Did these appear here? I hadn't looked prior) Then I try WinUAE's link to Direct X (I think it needs to be updated) to no avail. So I just go directly to MS and download/install, and reboot. Then I go back in WinUAE and try to engage.

I'm not getting any errors. I'm not sure if I'm seeing any differences. (Unless they're so subtle) I noticed on switching scanlines, WinUAE would pause a moment, almost like restarting but not, and then come through with new setting. Are the D3D filters suppose to do something like this? (It doesn't appear to be happening) Maybe there are two settings so different, I can discern a difference, just to see if it's working?

Thank you very much! Brother Jzon
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