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Don't get me wrong

It boots fine and faithfully, just the user startup not engaging (so it starts on boot) (It being VideoScape 3D)

Maybe because the name of the Video Scape 3D program has starts with a number? Maybe I try the execute command?

No biggie. I still have to try a bunch of different ways first, before I'm supposed to be asking here. I had Alter Image working. But, I'm going back and custom building each config with a clean install. I already got rid of that working (Alter Image) directory and didn't realize I needed some files...


I remember this, as I had to overcome this prior. I look online again, check my own database, I'm coming up short. (Can't remember where I got a hold of these) I wasn't too thrilled with my first impression of Alter Image. Then I find a manual online, and find it was also a genlocking package. The manual is for hardware.

K. Going back in and online to see if I can find the software manual (as opposed to the genlock manual) and the .font/ .otag's.


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