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Originally Posted by utri007 View Post
It is not that simple. You can't boot from CD, you can't listen Audio CDs without OS, remote controller woun't work with IDE CD, frontpanel buttons woun't work, etc.

So it is NOT just CD wich doesn't work.
You are incorrect. With the CDTV ROM disabled the remote still works including Power On/OFF. Yes the Play/stop buttons will not make the CD start/stop playing nor will the front panel buttons for this.

Maybe it's possible to make the CDTV stop/start buttons work with an OS level CD player, I don't know about that, do the CD controls get interpreted at an OS level?

There are ways to make the system boot off of a CD, I haven't tried them myself, but I believe IDEFix has such an option among others. But if you have a bootable HDD in the system, when are you going to see the CDTV splash screen anyway? And besides most of the CDTV titles are in WHDLoad anyway. There are some CDTV titles that won't work that's for sure, but are they going to work on the Vampire anyway? Lemmings for instance has screwed up sound with the 3.1 ROM. CDTV titles are really sensitive to any upgrades. So what you lose out on is the really nice looking CDTV CD Player at boot time, which I don't think is ever going to work if there's a bootable HDD anyway. I realize it's an agonizing wait for the Vampire to boot , but you have to make compromises in life and especially in Amigaland.

It would be nice if the Vampire team got the CDTV ROMs working, but it's still a fine system, it's just a waste of a 5 1/4" bay to have a drive that doesn't work at all. Adding a fast IDE CDROM would negate that to a large extent.
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