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Visual Prefs!


I actually am liking this better than Magic WB. It gives me immediate results, a touch simpler or intuitive, and the install was smooth (when working out of cd ram: ) (It didn't like the Italian catalog) (Oh, and there's no annoying 'please register' splash screen)

I bought VideoScape 3D, back in '87 or so, I don't recall ProMotion. (weird) (About to check out now. Maybe some exposure will jar some memory)

Modeler 3D... It's funny, I had the same (mini) problem earlier, I thought I had it archived somewhere, when I go to check... It's empty! lol Not sure how that happened.

Did you check out the size, in the Zone! ? It's smaller than the DPaint4 svg. When I put it in the (emulated) disk drive, I thought I had put my (empty) copy inside. lol

Thank you very much! Brother Jzon
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