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Started investigating the graphical glitches myself, making some progress on it.

1: Background colour will sometimes turn Orange in the middle of the first level. I've found some code that seems to trigger that, and I'm unsure if it has any other useful purpose. Not difficult to simply make sure the code never branches there.

2: Foreground and background gets out of alignment on certain screens, and this sticks (so when you die and restart, they're still out of alignment even on screens that were good before). This appears to be because the "VM_VARIABLE_SCROLL_Y" variable only adjusts the one of the two layers. I'm guessing that they couldn't or didn't bother scrolling the layers independently for the DOS version, so the virtual machine code doesn't update separate foreground and background scroll values? I think I'm close to solving that one but I'll need to sink a little more time into it.

3. The one that I don't currently have any idea on is, on the first level at least (haven't seen this elsewhere yet) is Lester's body warps to shit when it's in the standing pose, but is OK when crouching. That one I have absolutely no idea what's causing it.

Edit: Oh yeah, um..

@DamienD I'm currently using the Delphi collection executable, the problem is the copy protection comes from the virtual machine side (I think). Source code for both the WHDLoad slave and reverse engineered port is available, so between them I should be able to come up with something

@Demoniac I'm not confident I can simply splice the new level in (someone smarter than me probably could though) there's the same number of BANK* files between the DOS and Amiga versions so I'm not quite sure how to squeeze it in. There's also a bunch of other tweaks throughout the games (from memory, the Tank scene is longer and more difficult in the DOS version) which would be worth bringing across.

@AmigaJay didn't know that, thanks

*Well kind of.. Out of this World Amiga has the same number of BANK files as the DOS version, but 1 more than the original Amiga Another World from memory

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