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Very cool., this J-Cart stuff I had never seen this before!

Power Drive sucked both the Miggy version (I only played it twice in the store where I used to "buy" games, they only had the AGA version) and the Mega-Drive one. Never played the PC one.

In the other hand, Power Drift RULES! After Daytona USA, that was probably the game I spent more coins on arcade in my whole life! I just LOVE this game, and if I could buy one arcade machine, I would buy this one (Or a 8 players Daytona USA )

But it's true, the home versions are all pish. The Amiga one isn't very good, the C64 one is crap, the MSX/Spectrum is Horrible. The only one enjoyable is the Amstrad CPC version, but it's still eons away from the arcade version. I have never played the Saturn version, but I was told even this version isn't as good as the arcade one.
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