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Originally Posted by neozeed View Post
(...) My only hope is that eventually Apollo team delivers a 100% FPGA machine so I don't have 30 year old tired parts.
It will happen. By either the Apollo Team or someone else. That's the only long-run future for the Amiga software platform. Hardware, like most physical things, dwindles with the passage of time. To avoid complete emulation, eventually new hardware will be needed. Some folks advocate that FPGA is a form of emulation (physical emulation) and, thus, will never be as pure-bred as the real thing, which - IMO - is true. These new FPGA based accelerators that are implemented on our beloved Amigas use the original hardware to some extend while greatly enhancing them. If our Amigas were living things, these FPGA boards would be making cyborgs out of them, which is sort-of cool. But, as stated before, the hardware won't last forever, no matter how many times we recap it. There will be a time that all the original Amigas will be "dead" (probably long after the last original owner has died, but that's another story).

I sense, then, that the MiST, the ARMiga, the MiniMig, etc... they're all representations of what the future will be. My money? I'd put it into "close replicas". They'll be all-new hardware (most probably FPGA based) with all new 3D-printed cases and new custom-made keyboards looking almost exactly like an old A500 or A1200 or whatever model you want but with nice little modern features like native USB, SSD disks and HDMI outlets. The FPGA will enable the new Amigas to do unthinkable things (like the Vampires allow and probably much more), paving the way for future Amiga software development while retaining 100% retrocompatibility (a very important thing in the Amiga universe). We all cried - figuratively - when Commodore folded in 1994 and many of us yearned for a reboot, a renaissance, a resurgence, a comeback with a vengeance. It never happened. But, now, in the mid 2010's, maybe we're in the verge of seeing something of the sort...

There's a catch, though. The Amiga legacy lives within us. The most technically-savvy of us are the ones that are still pushing forward with this. They're the ones coming up with all the FPGA cores, with all the accelerator boards and neat new software. But, much like our own Amigas, we too wither with time. I fear that once the last amigan is gone, so will the Amiga. If time would be given to the platform to expand via FPGA, I bet we would see the Amiga legacy break-through the 32bit onwards into the future... Play Doom in the Amiga at full-speed? Hah! Why not play GTA V in the Amiga in full speed? (I already see many of you shout: "why do you even want that? Get a PC or a PS4!" Heck, I could say the same to you. "Wanna play Doom full-speed? Get a 486. They're cheaper than an A500 now-a-days").

Sorry for the long off-topic ramble, but a man is allowed to share his day-dreaming, isn't he?
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