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Originally Posted by JZon View Post
I did a clean install, copied and ran from ram (like you suggested), no probs. Stable here.

Did we deduce that MUI will not let one customize WorkBench 3.9 (the way it customizes it's own gui?)
yep, mui will only change the look of mui based applications. workbench is using another gui system.
using VisualPrefs you can change the look of the workbench Gui.
once installed you find GUI tool in prefs folder. but before you change anything, make a backup of the current look.
within GUI tool choose menu -> Save As and Save As Template to make a backup of current state.
i never found some good templates so i cannot say how usefull it is at all.

Originally Posted by JZon View Post
Trying out MagicWB21p. I go to prefs, to change the desktop background pic and it's not seeing my iff pic. Does MagicWB want to be registered? I tried keyring, but didn't see an actual key in the download. It also had a 2.0 install, which I tried, but it asked to be inserted in df1: so I quickly downloaded the adf from this old comfuser, still same thing (asking for registration and won't allow me to change the background picture)

Also, not finding the main MagicWB program. I installed it on the MUI config/build. Maybe I adjust it from here? MUI?
oh, yes, MagicWB - another enhancer, maybe better than VisualPrefs.
something i didnt used for years, cannot they what the problem is, atm.
-> no key file but try this version
=====>>>> the MagicWB installer will overwrite all your exisiting icons , test it on a backup system only.
Also looking for a copy of Modeler 3d to compliment VideoScape 3d.
hmm, have to look for that. not in my aegis folder

--> in the Zone: Modeler 3D (1988) (Stuart H. Ferguson) (req VideoScape).dms

there is ProMotion another tool for VideoScape.

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