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Another World - The Lost Level

EDIT: As described below, I've released a standalone version with that single level in beta. Subject name of this post has been updated to reflect that the project is now focused on that single level.

EDIT 2: Can be downloaded from

I've been attempting to get the MS-DOS data files in Another World to run in the Amiga engine, with partial success (the reason for doing this is to be able to play the MS-DOS exclusive level on real Amiga hardware).

My attempt has been posted to the zone. I've abandoned work on it due to two issues, hopefully someone with more experience at Amiga hacking will take over from here. Basically:
1. Graphical glitches appear a short time into playing the game, and progressively get worse.
2. Copy protection still needs to be cracked.

What I did was simply:
1. Overwrite the BANK files with their MS-DOS counterparts
2. Past the "MEMLIST.BIN" file from the MS-DOS version into offset 5E7A in the "Another" executable
3. Insert a rudimentary hack at offset 4078 in the "Another" executable. This solves an issue that would otherwise make it impossible to swim up at the very start of the game (I believe this is because the MS-DOS version uses separate variables for JUMP and UP, presumably for two button joysticks etc)

If you want to see the MS-DOS level in action, just load "Another", use to solve the copy protection, press C and enter the code "TFBB"

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