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Originally Posted by thgill View Post
If you decide to do something like that, you may want to consider targeting the iBuffalo USB SNES controller. It's cheap (around $12), well made and preserves existing SNES controllers from being destroyed. However it's internal PCB is a different size than the original SNES controllers so one board won't fit both.
From your video I can see that the pcb in the buffalo pads look better than the cheap usb ones. The pcb is a big part in the quality of the gamepad so by replacing the pcb I don't think that there would be a big difference between the cheap copies and the ibuffalo. If it's possible to fit the extra cd32 pcb in the ibuffalo model you could have a really good cd32 gamepad.

Both the original snes gamepad and the ibuffalo one have the black finish where the buttons press, the cheaper copies don't have that, I think that black material is best suited for those rubber buttons, does anybody know what material it is?
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