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True, only you can tell if you'll like the case or not. In that there is not much i can do other than telling you that we've worked really hard so that hopefully *most* backers are going to like it.

And i really hope that you too are going to like it

We're not manufacturing pizzas
And well... they'll be delivered Q2 2017 at most.
These two statements are taken out of their context.
The first one "We're not manufacturing pizzas" mean that the projects we're working on are industrial processes and as such delays can happen. And these are not predictable.

The other statement "they'll be delivered Q2 2017 at most", mean that at last Keycaps will be sent to backers at the end to the Timeline. But it might be before that.

Reason is that I also stated i added 2 extra months (meaning they're included) to this time table you can see on the KS campaign.

I thought what i said was pretty clear and straight forward
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