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Originally Posted by Overflow View Post
Just leaving out the discussion of price;

Its odd you didnt get anything before since you pre-ordered..? Did you sign up on the Amibay thread? I see alot of people that has waited for a good while, myself included, and we kept requenting IRC. I poked Kipper there to verify that the order was in etc.
Not to grind salt in your wound, but again, very suprised you had to wait this long.
Yeah I went back to the Amibay thread to check I remember correctly. I expressed interest and later reminded of such in what I am pretty sure is the very original Vampire 600 thread.

I guess in a way I never *actually* ordered as it was asked for us to express interest and that was never followed up for me and it seems a lot of other people. Majsta was way behind in the list and Kipper came in at some point - I didn't follow what happened very well (life gets in the way). Then it appears there was another thread that you were expected to PM & pay straight away but I missed that also (that life again) until it was too late.

(BTW no email to my expression of interest via the instructed method this time around either! But kipper's site does say don't panic!)

But you know, as I say it is what it is. I don't want anyone to give me a card at a loss, I want Kipper, Majsta or whoever to make some decent money and be happy doing it and maybe carry on and do other great things. It benefits nobody if people with these skills leave the scene.

The reason for posting wasn't really to bring this up, just to add weight to my view that wanting 250+ euro for such a thing is OK. Even for someone who hoped for it at 90 euro. You buy it at the price it's offered or you don't. For people that can't afford that's a shame but I drive a 13 year old car for the same reasons.

Now if money actually changed hands, that's different - witness the collapse of pebble over the past week - but even in a scene as small as this I think I could forgive.
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