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Originally Posted by JZon View Post
We were discussing MUI? lol Check out this page!
oh, version 5, already. i knew there is new development for mui, but i still keep using 3.8.
since those old programs i'm using, were made when latest mui version was 3.8
so i'm not sure if we get any benefit from using the new version

#1) i'll give it a try (MUI-5.0-2016R2-os3.lha) - and i'll regret it, i'm sure that

#2) not so bad as i thought. install went ok, ask to delete some old files/folder.
later it ask to update the existing 3.8 installation/folder.
tested some apps - WolrdConstrcutionSet, AmIRC and Remus, all still working.

but now my mui default screen isn't working anymore, all apps open on workbench,
while the screen is still in my mui config.
the MUI setting tool ( sys:mui/mui) sometimes just vanishs, when you push a button from the left menu.
I have to reboot to make it start again.
so mui 5 is not so bad at all - with some instability.

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