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Originally Posted by Romanujan View Post
@all - Please address your remarks about lack of patience to some well-known Kickstarter countdown timer, which sets the deadline for me to make certain decision. For me it would be no problem if the caps campaign started even 5 months later - given how long I wait for the Vampire (previously known as Natami) this is hardly any issue.

And I really don't like being blamed for being cautious regarding what I eventually decide to co-fund.

@Phil - Till now I had mainly one question - whether I will like the case or not. And no one but me will be able to answer it But this is something I totally don't understand:

It's perfectly OK if you can't tell when exactly the product will be sent, or that you are almost certain something unexpected will delay it. But why to make such a definite statements in this situation???
It's fine to be cautious. It's the reason you gave for being cautious that was the problem. The team has been nothing but transparent about delays this whole time, and you're calling them out saying that you won't back the next project until they deliver the first, which isn't at all fair.

Anyway, I've said my piece, I think everyone should back this.
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