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Originally Posted by s2325 View Post
I think Skeleton Krew had better music on Mega Drive but it may be personal taste as compositions were different.
Well, in order to be comparable, the music must have the same composition or else the comparison would not be fair. I, for example, love what David Whittaker did with the AY-3-8910 in the main theme of the Atari ST version of UBI Soft's classic Zombi. The music is great musically speaking and has a special "chiptune" charm to it. The Amiga music, though better sonically, is no match to the ST's music in the same game (sadly, since both David Peres and Alain da Silva are first-generation portuguese-french).

That, however, is not the same as sating that the Atari ST had better music abilities than the Amiga. I think that no-one argues with the notion that the Paula chip was much better than the (admittedly charming) AY-3-8910 PSG chip. The same could be said for the MegaDrive's YM2612 OPN2.
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