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Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post
(...) From a gaming perspective, they both kicked the Amiga's ass.
That's highly debatable. The Amiga was much better than any of them on the so-called "serious gaming" with games such as Civilization, Colonization, Sim City, D-Day, Syndicate, Dune 2, Defender of the Crown, Theme Park, etc... Those were all better on the Amiga for the simple fact that it was a computer. Many of those weren't even converted to the Genesis or SNES for the simple fact that they would be impractical to play. Also, whatever graphical prowess that the MegaDrive could have compared to the Amiga (the difference wasn't really THAT big. AGA machines could equal and even top the MegaDrive on that department), there was no single game released for the SEGA console that had better music/sound. Not a single one. That sort-of evens the score, for games aren't only graphics.

You could now argue that by 1992/1993, the PCs were better than the Amiga for the aforementioned "serious" games, but then again the Amiga was still better than the PC for action games so, in the end, the Amiga sat quietly in the middle of the PC and the consoles, displaying its very considerable versatility. And this on a computer designed in the early days of the 1980's (as opposed to any of the other mentioned machines) and that was sold at a fraction of the price of the most powerful PCs of the mid 90's and could still give the 16bit consoles a run for their money. In my book, that makes the Amiga a very meritorious machine, even at the end of its life-cycle (1994/1995).

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