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Originally Posted by JZon View Post
Man. I just had time to check this post as I was headed out the door to work and it was in my mind the whole day how this 'watermark' could be in my MY svg. It went from Raising Arizona to a couple of decades prior movie called Excalibur! LOL What a relief.
good to know, someone cares
Yes, this watermark, the CAD one in XnView? I get this too. It's just for a plugin to make svg work with XnView. I should have zipped the ico verison. But, XnView made the perfectly symmetrical pyramid turn into a ziggurat. lol
i rarely have svg fles, so xnview was my first first choice opening it.
never noticed the demo version watermark of that plugin.
Nice tools. Nice tool bar. I notice somehow your icon came out with a white background. How do you accomplish this? (as I saved only the image to a clear layer ((or on no layer))) Will check out your apps. (now)
finaly i was using the SVG to PNG online converter, which made a png with transparent background.
loading the png into xnview -> remove alpha channel, that made background black, next converted to 256 colors and edited the palette, changing first black color into white. later I made a second attempt, and changed to light grey. all done with xnview.
thats it
I found the name of that dock app, WinStep Nexus. It makes a mac style dock, very configurable, which can display icons more better. I make them smaller than stock Windows taskbar and when scrolling over them, they turn into huge, bigger than stock Windows taskbar icons.
the nexus bar looks nice. will give it a test run.
there is something like that for the amiga too. a toolbar that has some
zooming icons when you move the mouse over them.but i forgot it's name, i'll look for that one.

#1) cannot find it one aminet, but i'm pretty sure i've seen that - may work only with rtg/picasso96 screenmode, hmm :/

does any of the silent people in the background know the name of that animated toolbar?

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