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Originally Posted by Romanujan View Post
Better deliver them in December - a lot of people are waiting to get them before backing up the current campaign. In my opinion the keycaps one was started too early...
I take your point but the keycaps campaign was repeatedly delayed because of delays to the case production. Only when production began for the cases project did they launch the keycaps campaign with the hope they would soon have lots of pictures and video of production to reassure backers that their cases were imminent, the factory however failed to supply the media files and the guy that was supposed to do it was moved to another production line. The cases runs are probably relatively small compared to what the factory is used to doing so spending time taking pictures and making videos is probably a bit of a annoyance to them when they could be getting on with injection molding something else.

There is a live stream scheduled on the cases kickstarter page for later today - 5pm GMT 8th December 2016 where finished cases will be shown.
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