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Do you use a ClassicWB with Scalos? It's known to have problems with TinyLauncher and tooltypes (though ClassicWB LITE is fine since it doesn't use Scalos as a WB replacement). You also have to install NewIcons or it won't work or indeed crash TinyLauncher.

Tooltypes are used for stuff like trainers, joypad selection, language selection, disable/enable caches, setting the quitkey etc. Of course you can launch every WHDLoad game via shell with tooltypes like that e.g.

whdload gamexyz.slave preload customx=x

Check the readme of a specific game which tooltypes are supported, e.g. custom1=1 could be a trainer, custom2=1 CD32 pad support and so on).

Why in god's name does WHDLoad save its prefs in the tooltypes in the .info file
It's not. The prefs are saved in the "whdload.prefs" file which is installed/manually copied to the WB s: folder. The configs in the whdload.prefs file are global. Tooltypes set in gameicons overwrite the global settings.

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