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Originally Posted by Romanujan View Post
Nowadays people have this fucking mentality that I should happily spend half of the typical monthly salary in my country for a hobby-only gadgets, where the previous project of the supplier already took twice as long as initially expected and didn't deliver anything as of yet.
Nobody tells you to spend any money in these things, but expecting niche products to be cheap and quickly delivered is quite delusional.

Nothing is wrong with me, or you, but this kind of attitude is what makes the Amiga a platform impossible to develop anything for.

I have waited, each time, many, many months to receive a 1541 Ultimate for my C64. I never complained. I have top kit, it wasn't cheap, it took forever to arrive in my hands post payment, but it's the best available for the platform and I am glad I have it (just to name one project with similar "issues").

Perhaps you should reconsider your hobbies, seems to me like you are disappointed, and hobbies are meant to be enjoyed.
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