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It's working alright now, but it's back to asking for the keyfile! LOL

I'm going to try some more ways.

So far, this is what I've done, simply unarchive Opal_24 to SYS: (won't find opal library, easily fixable), but then I go ahead and install the OpalVision_complete (which btw should be called OpalVision_almost complete. I noticed on the install adf's that install 2 is labeled (on the windows side) OpalVision (1993-03-03)(Centaur Development)(US)(Disk 2 of 7)(Installation 2 - Images 1)...

which is using OpalPaint 2.0. So, I copy OpalVision_24's contents to the half installed (almost) complete version. Add this to user startup...

execute > NIL: dh0:OpalVision/assigns >NIL:
run > NIL: dh0:OpalVision/OpalPaint >NIL:

All is well. (Just looking for keyfile now) (Going back in to tackle this last item)

Can't remember, it's a dock program though, it has some stuff it wants to give you when downloading, then there are it's own little monitoring programs associated with it that you want to cut out, but if you can figure out how to trim it up, so to speak, it's a quality solution. (I'll look it up on my external hard drive next time I go there)

Opal Paint opening on top of WorkBench again btw.

What is Opal Presents? I just went back to check it out and finding it's unresponsive. I thought I had access before. (probably my crazy install)

K. Going back in.... standby... ... ...
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