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I just tried that and indeed, i can confirm too that it works flawlessly using A500 with the cycle-exact setting, thanks you guys! really got me back to be able to dig this demo once more =' 3

I also find fascinating the fact that there are secret parts on this demo as claimed in the text as follows:
Hidden Part / Easter Eggs
Boot from disk 2, and you'll get a blank screen. Now press the left
mouse button, the right mouse button, and the joystick button at the same time.
Well, it seems like nobody have been able to find the second hidden part in Desert Dream, right!?.
For the interested phreaks i can reval, that half of the part is located
on D.D disk1. And the other half is located in the minidemo D.A.N.E. Nothing Is Impossible here!.
this text can be found on the link i put on my previous message, i have found the one at the second disk BUT there also speaks about a hidden part on the first disk as well?

I find this part suspicious of having to do with that hidden part;

at the end of the animation there the camera goes through the floor, perhaps holding a certain key makes the camera to keep going on the path unlocking the secret part?

I have not figured it yet lol
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